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Home textile decorative fabric

The Hengtai flannelette series use high quality cotton yarn. Velveteen hair fullness smooth, thick texture, soft, glossy soft, durable, warm and good, elastic, easy to wrinkle. Cutting flannelette is a high strength in natural fiber. Second only to ramie, the fabric is the strongest. Natural fiber, environmental protection, will not produce friction static electricity. The crown velvet product is our company's superior product. It is a regular stock product. It has 100 colors. Customers can also provide their own color samples. Please contact customer service.

Product parameters

Quality standard :China textile industry standard

Varieties :Woven velvet

Composition and content :100% cotton

Warp and weft knitting :Weft

Count :32sCarding cotton

Weight :460+/-15£¨g/©O£©

Width of cloth :141+/-1

Flower type process :cold pad-batch dyeing